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Swaha Cow Ghee Diya Wicks


The Swaha Easy Diya is made from pure cow ghee. The big-size wicks burn for approximately 8 Hours. They are perfect for daily puja, where you can do the puja and by the time you leave home, you’re sure the wick has finished burning. Especially in homes that are made out of wood, these wicks serve the purpose and reducing danger to the home. When you open the box, the wicks have a mild flavor which is a combination of camphor, sandalwood, and jasmine. These wicks are a replacement for your handmade ghee diyas, so there won’t be any strong smells when you burn them. Of course, there’s no wax. After it’s fully burnt, there will be a small black dot left in the lamp. Throw it away and your lamp is ready for your next meditation. As you light the Swaha Cow Ghee Diya Wicks, they release a soft, flickering glow, creating an atmosphere of sanctity and devotion, allowing you to connect with the divine in your worship.