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Swaha Mogra Dhoop Stick


Swaha Dhoop sticks, when lit, can change the mood and energy of any space with its calming aroma. They are used for meditation as well as daily prayers. Let your daily pooja be surrounded by a divine fragrance. The Mogra or Jasmine flower is an essential part of every home and every puja. Our little mogra agarbattis are designed to reset your mood. The sweet smell of Jasmine will linger in your home until the next day. Swaha Mogra Dhoop Batti is made with natural, pure, organic, and premium ingredients. Whether it’s daily puja, special ceremonies, or simply seeking moments of mindfulness, our Mogra Dhoop Sticks are the perfect companion, infusing your spiritual moments with the fragrance of blooming serenity. Swaha Mogra Dhoop Sticks are more than just incense; they are an invitation to tranquility and floral elegance. Let their soothing fragrance guide you into a state of inner peace and spiritual connection. They are bamboo-less and are completely safe and non-toxic. As you light a Swaha Mogra Dhoop Stick, it releases a gentle, enchanting floral aroma, creating an atmosphere of serenity and spiritual connection, perfect for meditation, prayer, or moments of reflection. They have a soothing floral fragrance that keeps the environment smelling fresh and adds love to your daily pooja. Each box has 30 sticks for your entire month and comes with its own unique stand.