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Swaha Monthly Puja Pack with Ghee Diya


Swaha Monthly Puja Pack with Ghee Diya contains :
1) One pack of Cow Ghee Diya (60 pieces)
2) One pack of Sandalwood Agarbatti
3) One pack of White Musk Agarbatti
4) One pack of Smokeless Camphor

Start your morning prayers by lighting a pure cow ghee wick with a sandalwood agarbatti, the mellow yet sweet smell of the agarbatti will make sure your day is filled with positivity. You can add variety to your evening prayer by lighting a white musk agarbatti along with a ghee wick, and light a smokeless camphor cone for the aarti. Our aim is to help you stay in touch with your spiritual side without having to spend extra time arranging and buying puja materials on a daily or weekly basis. The pack includes Swaha Ghee Diya, meticulously crafted using the finest vanaspati ghee, symbolizing purity and devotion. Light it to create a serene ambiance during your rituals. Purify your surroundings with Swaha dhoop cones and camphor, allowing you to create an atmosphere of sanctity and tranquility for your prayers and meditation.