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Swaha Panchagavya Diya with Ghee


The Swaha Panchagavya Diyas are made from 100% pure, premium-grade ingredients. Apart from their cultural and religious significance, the lighting of these diyas has various benefits like the removal of negative energy and the purification of air. Crafted with precision and devotion, our Panchagavya Diya is made from the sacred blend of five pure ingredients: cow dung, cow urine, milk, ghee, and curd. This composition symbolizes purity and invokes blessings of divine energy. The lighting of these diyas is said to bring prosperity to homes and places of business. The ash generated from lighting these days can be used as organic manure for plants. Swaha Panchagavya Diya is more than just a source of light; it’s a vessel of tradition and spirituality. Allow its sacred flame to guide you on a journey of devotion, connecting you with the divine in every prayer.