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Swaha Vandan Agarbatti


Swaha incense sticks, when lit, can change the mood and energy of any space with its calming aroma. They are used for meditation as well as daily prayers. Let your daily puja be surrounded by a divine fragrance. The Swaha White Sage incense sticks have a strong aroma. When you light it, it produces a robust sage and pine fragrance, which is a subtly citrus smell. White sage also contains an herbal, savory, and slightly peppery flavor. Using it in ceremonies, prayers, and meditation can cleanse the spirit and calm the senses. Light a Swaha White Sage Agarbatti to cleanse your space of negative energy, leaving behind a sense of purity and serenity. It’s the perfect prelude to meditation, prayer, or deep reflection. White sage is composed of medium to large leaves. Swaha White Sage Agarbatti is more than incense; it’s a bridge to the spiritual realm. Light a stick and embark on a journey of self-discovery, mindfulness, and inner peace. Create an atmosphere that nurtures your spiritual growth. It is considered a sacred herb and used in healing ceremonies among the Chumash people, a Native American tribe with a rich heritage along the coastal regions of Southern California. The sage leaves are known as Wey Wey. These incense sticks are free from harmful chemicals.